Health Care

Health Care

The healthcare law in its current form is problematic and not sustainable, because it puts additional financial burdens on small business owners, medical providers, and more importantly, on the American people.


1) A higher financial burden to small businesses that have resorted to reducing the weekly work hours of employees and also reducing the numbers of new hires. This, consequently, leads to higher and longer lasting unemployment, adversely affecting minorities the most.

  • Obamacare Squeezes Small Businesses

2) Obamacare has a very low compensation rate to hospitals and physicians, and the public is already experiencing many physicians who are no longer accepting Medi-Cal patients. In rural areas where solo, mostly senior practitioners still serving their community, are so bogged down by the expense of converting to electronic record keeping, that they too are throwing in the towel, and retiring earlier. That is another loss the American people have to bear.

3) Despite having spent more than a trillion dollars on Obamacare, there is still the same number of uninsured Americans as before, some of whom lost their employment provided heath care insurance because of Obamacare.

  • Despite Obamacare protections, many consumers may be ‘underinsured’
  • Affordable Care Act won’t cover everyone

4) Moreover, Obamacare has many constitutional violations, and does not apply to everyone.  Even though this administration promoted this as “Good for the American people”, thousands of waivers/exemptions were issued to all politicians and their staff, federal bureaucrats, big businesses and labor union members.

5) The promise that Obamacare would realize a savings of $2500 per family, turned out to be false as well. On the average, premiums went up by $3000 per family per year. And guess what?  “Big insurance company” won’t have to suffer any losses, because if they can’t make a profit under Obamacare, the American taxpayers will bail them out. It’s in the law! Once again the American people are the losers while the rich elites walk away with the prize.

  • Obamacare Effects Begin to Hit Home

Obamacare has a few good provisions. But, let’s build on it, to improve our healthcare system that will serve all Americans well.

For starters, I would support legislation that encourages the employees to buy their own healthcare insurance, and claim the same write-off on their income taxes as currently is awarded to the employers.

Secondly, I would also support legislation that removes the ban for the free American citizens to shop across state lines for healthcare insurance, just as it is possible to shop across state lines for other types of insurance; i.e., life, home, car even medi-gap insurance.

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