I favor putting the States in charge of educating our children. Not the Federal government.

I opposed oppose CA.- SB777 & CA-SB48. Our public schools should not serve as a breeding ground where ultra liberal teachers have a Carte Blanche to brainwash our children against our family values and morals and against our will.

Children of illegal immigrants should not have easier access to a free college education and or economic advantaged over American citizens/students. Therefore, I opposed CA-SB131, the new law that governor Jerry Brown enacted and the Dream Act that the Obama administration is pushing forth. Again WE, THE MIDDLE CLASS, are TEA’ed (Taxed Enough Already).

I support the wider implementation of School Vouchers, to allow all parents the freedom to take their child’s share of taxpayers’ funded tuition, to a school of their choice – public or private.

We must remove restrictive barriers to opening new private schools and home schooling Co-ops, especially in the minority and economically depressed communities.

Public schools must compete in the free market, lest we fail to rescue our children from a failing public school system.

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