May 29 2014

In just five (5) short days, you will go to the polls and cast your votes to fundamentally correct the course of our country back to being a republic.

Please remember that my name doesn’t appear on the ballot; You must WRITE-IN, “Virginia Fuller” when you make your choice of congressional representative, for CD-11.

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Virginia Fuller

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Virginia Fuller-Independent

  • I am a self-made, fair minded, Independent, Write-in Candidate.
  • I love my new adopted country and as your Representative, I pledge to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.
  • I stand for a limited Federal government, States’ Rights, individual freedom, and individual responsibilities.
  • I am committed to improving the U.S. economy, by supporting responsible exploration of our own God given natural resources.
  • To raise the next generation of strong leaders, who are honest, competent and of utmost character, I support a child-parent centered education, controlled by the local citizens.

Judge Phan Quang

Judge Phan Quang

Judge Phan Quang-Republican

  1. “I believe that the free Vietnamese-Americans and the people of Vietnam should have a voice on the international forum; and at this time, the forum is the U.S. Congress.” Judge’s Letter
  2. During a debate, Judge Phan Quang Tue said, “Obamacare needs careful reviewing”. More recently he blurred his stance, but when pressed, he admitted that he supports it.
  3. When asked about his position on illegal immigration, he answered, “We can’t mass deport 13 million people”.
  4. Judge Phan Quang Tue supports CA. High Speed Rail and would accept federal funding for it.
  5. At a resent Candidates’ Forum in Richmond, he boosted that he is in support of stricter gun laws, even though, gun control was not a topic or even a question on the table.Another career politician replacing a career politician.

Mark DeSaulnier

Mark DeSaulnier

Mark DeSaulnier-Democrat

  1. Mark DeSaulnier said in a news interview, that running for congress is an opportunity he, “can’t pass up.”
    So controlling our lives on the federal level is yet another feather in his cap.
  2. In a recent interview, DeSaulnier says, “he wants to represent us so he can push “Obama’s agenda”.  Did he ask you how the Obama agenda is working out for you?
  3. To improve our state’s public schools and make them a safe institution, conducive to learning and achieving academic excellence, Senator Mark DeSaulnier has authored and passed a bill for “GENDER NEUTRAL” bathrooms and locker rooms.
  4. The most recent and egregious bill that Mark DeSaulnier authored, is SB-1077, the VMT Tax.  VMT stands for Vehicle Miles Travelled. It could be referred to as Vehicle Miles Taxed.  They call this a fee,  so that they don’t need a super majority to pass it, but make no mistake, its a TAX.
  5. Mark DeSaulnier has consistently opposed second amendment rights.
    More recently, he crafted legislation that makes victims of crime the criminal.
  6. Mark DeSaulnier was in charge of the new Bay bridge debacle, that was more then 20 years after the earthquake overdue, and billions of dollars over budget, but waited to express his “outrage” only after the bridge was declared “completed” and the big bonuses were paid out.
  7. State Sen. Desaulnier sponsored bills like SB-375 and SB-1 recently. You might remember, the legislation that allows for state and city agencies to declare almost anything, even a city like Orinda, as “blight” for purposes of redevelopment, and giving density bonuses to developers.
  8. Mark DeSaulnier has co-authored union-written legislation that would have expanded Contra Costa’s abusive pension spiking to 19 other counties. Ignorant of his own bill, he backed away when the details were exposed and tried to fix the legislation. But he then teamed up with labor on a bill making it harder for insolvent cities to file bankruptcy. “Mr. DeSaulnier will always vote left wing because he knows the others will always vote against him – so he placates his constituents.  Case in point – when the CONTRA COSTA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS voted themselves a 64% raise, he was the only dissenting vote – he still got a pay raise and every other yearly raise since; while voting for the County’s largest & lowest paid group of workers to take 20%+ pay cuts so they’re the lowest paid in their class (obviously senior clerk are being over paid at $42K/yr – take home of less than $30k/yr after paying healthcare for CCHP and mandatory $450/mo towards retirement, plus high tax rate–they can’t afford a home- and most rental in the area).”
  9. WHEN SERVING ON the CONTRA COSTA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Mark DeSaulnier voted to rebuild the County Hospital in Martinez,  rather then to allow the three local hospitals: Los Medanos in Antioch (now closed), Mt. Diablo in Concord (now part of John Muir) and  Doctors Hospital in Richmond, to assume the indigent population. Thus, there was no need for the County to rebuild the Hospital up in Martinez. The three hospitals were willing to sign a 30 year contract, for approximately half the cost of what it would cost to rebuild the County Hospital … AND it was no cost to taxpayers! Mark DeSaulnier voted against the overwhelming desires of the communities and went with the unions, who very much wanted the rebuild of the County Hospital.  So, the citizens were socked with a $300 million plus bill, the locals didn’t get their care close to home, and all three hospitals’ existence remained in limbo.


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