I oppose the “Cap & Trade” scam that is being perpetrated on the American working class. We are a Representative Republic, ie., a Government Of the People, For the People and By the People. I don’t recall any vote taken by THE PEOPLE in December 2009 giving Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama permission to obligate the American Working Class to shovel over $100 billion to so called “poor countries” with their corrupt leaders as pay-off for USA’s share to their Global Warming Farce.

Our environment must be preserved and protected.

No environmental legislation shall become law at the expense of our Fourteenth Amendment.

I am in favor of overhauling the Endangered Species Act.

Environmental clean-up costs should be borne by those causing them, not by tax payers.

The oil deposits/spills on our coast lines, due to natural biological processes, can be greatly reduced by responsible eco-friendly drilling.

We must fund and explore the use of natural bio-chemical processes to clean up oil spills or contaminated soil in our densely populated communities and thus increase property values.

Government has a duty to ensure that the full range of United States natural heritage is protected in perpetuity, for the benefit of its citizens.

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