The defense of our nation is the primary responsibility of the Federal Government.

As former president Reagan so succinctly stated and proved, “Peace through strength”. He brought the Cold War with the former Soviet Union to an end peacefully. He brought down the Berlin Wall, liberated millions of people in the eastern block of communist former USSR, and there was no need to start a new war. Today, president Obama failed to bring an end to the wars in the Middle East as swiftly as he had promised on the campaign trail.

Meanwhile he is busy disarming America, laying off nearly a 100,000 troops, while Iran remains a nuclear threat to Israel and the region. North Korea is a threat to world peace. China is building up their military might, and communist dictators in Central and South America are flexing their muscles too. “Test this young president”. Why did this Noble Peace Price winning president get the U.S. involved in FOUR (4) more wars in four different countries in the Middle East, without the consent of the U.S. Congress?

We MUST increase the size of our voluntary military and maintain a formidable fighting force to ensure peace.

Our leaders MUST be willing to adapt to the new world warfare. We must have well trained personnel in our armed forces, both on the ground and high-tech.

We MUST place greater emphasis on developing and distributing an anti-missile defense system to protect us and our allies from the ongoing proliferation of nuclear arms from hostile countries like Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea.

The War on Terror is real! The numerous attacks by Islamic fascists on U.S. soil and against our allies are not just criminal acts or “Man made disasters”. Let’s not kid ourselves, they are acts of War.

We the PEOPLE MUST not allow our spineless legislators to make our armed forces sacrificial lambs as their price for political correctness when waging war against beheading savages.

We MUST take excellent care of our armed forces on active duty. We must take care of our Veterans and their families financially, medically and emotionally. “Fairness” is to reward our Veterans who served this country honorably – with full benefits and 100% of their pay – just like politicians who only need to serve one term in safe and luxurious confines to receive full pay retirement. This has to end.

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