California School Blocks Pro-American Flag Demonstration

Originally Published: Washington Free Beacon

May 5, 2014

A California school constructed a temporary fence to obstruct the view of protestors demonstrating against the school’s ban on American flag shirts for Cinco de Mayo.

Local Tea Party members wanted to protest on Monday against a court’s 2010 ruling in favor of the high school’s decision to prohibit American flag apparel.

According to CBS San Francisco:

Calls for demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, and even suggestions that a group of motorcyclists will arrive prompted authorities to put the fence around the front of Live Oak High.

“Usually when you put up a fence, it’s a barrier. And, we interpret it as a barrier to keep out the first amendment,” President of the Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots, Georgine Scott-Codiga said.

“I don’t believe there’s any need in America to suppress a national symbol of patriotism and freedom,” she said.

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